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Kabina (Kanopa) pro T-REX 700XN Painted HC7071

2099 Kč

  • Kód: HC7071
  • Výrobce: Align
  • Zboží bude odesláno do 10 pracovních dnů.

●Pro T-REX 700XN.
●After performing many tests to determine the most efficient aerodynamic canopy we are pleased to release this brand new lightweight canopy! This ultimate canopy made of glass and carbon fiber is lightweight and achieves best dynamic performance. Also a new unique painting scheme for the newest member of the T-REX family.

●Painted canopy x 1
●Canopy nut x 4(Φ2.7xΦ12x6mm)
●Canopy protector x 4(Φ7xΦ12x2.5mm)
●R4 pin x 4
●Weight: 166g